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Around the time when I entered elementary school, I became fascinated by the stars I saw in a picture book on heavenly bodies and put all my energy into memorizing the names of the constellations. Before long, however, this insatiable passion faded and was abandoned, only to be accidentally revived later in a different form. I encountered the field of Indo-European comparative linguistics when I was an undergraduate student and started studying Classical languages — Greek and Latin — whose speakers played an important role in modeling the configuration of the stars. As a linguist, my primary aim is to clarify the phonological and morphological history of Latin and other languages of Ancient Italy. At the same time, as a reader of documents from the Ancient World, I always feel a sense of passion and reverence with regard to the cultural background of these texts, and try to be conscious of the human emotions which lie between their lines and even between their letters.

Kanehiro Nishimura

Research Field: Historical Linguistics

Languages: Italic (Latin, Oscan, Umbrian, etc.), Indo-European 

Topics: Phonology; Morphology; Semantics; Etymology; Epigraphy; Poetic and Religious Tradition

kanehiro.nishimura *at*

Ph.D. (Indo-European Studies, UCLA)

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